How to choose good family sedan

How many times have you so saw the pretty girl? I’m sure it happened many times. Sure you done, however many times happened to me to fall in love with a girl who does not look attractive. I am speaking about girls who looks good as a whole person, but details on them are not so pretty.

It is similar with the Honda Accord. Yes, ten designers were tasked with providing a visual display of Honda Accord , again make this car more consistent than it is now. Simply, every part of the car kept its direction. But in the end, when all characteristics are analyzed, this vehicle looks good.


When you, for the first time, try to drive redesigned Honda Accord will be great moment for you. Very soon, everybody will find that Accord is not the car like other! And so, again after a long time looking deep to understand as well as in the case of exterior and interior that is designed to only Honda unique way. The little wheel adjustment in depth and breadth, framed batt grip for secure grip justifies the name Sport model. Immediately above it, as well as in every other car is a control panel or not like conventional board. The board, which bears an uncanny resemblance to the robot ASIMO as is divided into 5 separate parts. There are three screens in front of the driver and two above them. The most important among them, the rev counter, has been on the central place, because when you are driving this place is the best. Since the Honda is some kind of a Japanese BMW, it will not surprise anyone the orientation of the interior towards the driver, which in this model is very noticeable.

Everything is in the hands of drivers

In the front of driver is a big sloping surface. It’s like someone took off the plate, “Sit down, enjoy it and do not touch anything.” Even the plastic in the front of the driver is for a class better than the one in front of the passenger. A small but precise gear shift six-speed transmission is raised and slightly angled towards the driver to a fraction of a second, to save the change transmission when passing through the curve. How is all in front of the driver-oriented in his sporting manner, so the seats are left without adequate lateral support. It exists, but it is not sufficient for extremely aggressive driving. Commendable are cozy and comfortable for long journeys, which is certainly counting plus the test log.

The engine of 2.4 liters with 189 horsepower is not a fully sporty.  Company Honda wants to point out the name of sport, however,  this car offers more than enough for the driver to be very much interesting while driving.

When starting the vehicle remains silent. The sound engine is discreet and restrained, while you make a pressure on the accelerator pedal. When it is pressed until the end, growling generator becomes dominant, sports, but objectively acceleration is behind these audio effect. However, in spite of this, accelerates continuously and elegant, and especially to be commended efficiently distribute power to the drive wheels. If in the first seconds somewhat hesitant, and Accord specifically commend the resilience and vibrancy of 3000 rpm and more when working on the gearbox and gas, converted to an athlete who can do most of what the driver wants. Anything else is important to note, because of the low seating position, the sports experience is even more pronounced, but also is dramatically reduced visibility.


Consumption of the new Honda Accord

Amazingly, the average consumption of the test with all torture is not made it through more than 7 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers, as compared to vehicle performance and enjoyment it provides an excellent result.

This car was designed by a collection of crazy creative developers on the one hand and extremely smart head on the other side. It is not known how many are in the planning involved those who sell it as a creative and smart created. For the segmentation of the market for which sellers prefer to resort gets a lot of narrow profiled mass of people who would accord with this futuristic appearance could buy. Or are young and funky, ready for a new and not explored with the desire to be unique, or are at the age when they do not want to identify themselves with the “tycoon rookie” in the neighborhood behind the wheel of Audi A3. In fact, the buyer of Honda Accord is the one with built categorical attitude that knows exactly what he wants, only it limits the wallet.

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