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How to calculate your SUV’s towing capability

I am not sure if I mentioned that I love camping. For me there is nothing more beautiful than to stay in the countryside in my camping trailer. However, many wonder how to choose the right combination of vehicle and trailer. You must choose the right combination against your own needs. In this article I will briefly describe how I selected the appropriate trailer.

Select vehicle

In my case, choice of vehicle was simple. I already had my old Toyota Sequia. This SUV has a towing capacity of 7400 lbs. Data about other vehicles can be found here:

As seen in the above-mentioned website, a good practice is to select vehicle with as large towing capability. For someone who does not have a vehicle, perhaps the most fit is Jeep Grand Cherokee because it’s price. However, let’s return to the moment of choice of vehicle. In the manual for each vehicle is given the maximum value for towing. On the basis of this data should be selected camper. So, now we’re talking about pure technical details, not the convenience of a particular vehicle.


Selection of the camper

Turning now to the trailer. It should align campers weight with the vehicles capabilities. There are many abbreviations when we speak about the weight of campers. The first abbreviation is GVWR. This is an acronym for the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. In translation, it is a weight of the empty camper.

Contrary to this size is GTWR. It stands for Gross Trailer Weight Rating. It is about the maximum weight of campers.

Needless to say, do not burden your trailer above the prescribed GTWR. Now we come to the crucial part. Do not let GTWR be greater than 80% of maximum towing capacity of the vehicle. To this information people came during the many years of use. It should be taken into account driving in various fields, and in various weather conditions.

When calculating the total load, you should consider the following items:

-Your clothes will weigh at least 200-250 pounds

-Food in various packages will take from 500-550 pounds

-Water will weigh between 600 and 900 pounds

So, consider all of these items. Do not let it happen that your vehicle may not withdraw trailer. Pay attention to the connection method of camper to your vehicle. From personal experience I would recommend combination of trailer ball and ball mount

Also, consider the size of your family and your needs. Someone with large family would choose a much larger camper, for example 5th Wheel Trailers. Since on trips just go my girlfriend and I, my choice was standard trailer – model Zinger.

towing capabilities


I had a much easier job because I already had my SUV. If you are a outdoor enthusiasts, the better is to think about buying a strong vehicle. Of course, the choice of campers to suit your needs is a very complicated subject. There are thousands of articles about it on the Web, so you will not have problems to find what suits you.

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Advantages and disadvantages of do-it-yourself restoration of vehicles

Repair of old vehicles is a wonderful thing. Take an old car in poor condition and breathe life into it again is great. In fact, the process can take months, and can take away a lot of time. I personally know dozens of people who are renovating old cars as a hobby. However, often arises specific question: “Whether I do everything myself”? Will the end result be satisfactory, as it is exercised by reparation pro? What is the maximum result that can achieve a simple hobbyist?

Vehicle Restoration

On these and many other questions is not easy to give a simple answer. Each project is a story itself and every person is special. For example, it often happens that someone finds an old Ford from the thirties of the 20th century. At first glance you feel that the car is well preserved and that the biggest intervention will be in the bodywork and the engine. Then one after another surprise followed. First, you realize that transmission is not complete. In that moment you have two ways of solving problems. The first is to try to find an original part. Factory, of course, discontinued to produce parts for older models. That leaves you to the car dump of old cars. It should be used to search more than 40 car dumps to get the original part. Another option, if you can’t find absolutely nowhere original part is to create a part that is missing. You address licking master, mostly reluctant to accept this challenge. The main problem is that the production of auto parts in small series costs a lot. Also, if you need to use the original material you must try to find him and get it. Main rule is that when vehicle is older, it is more difficult to come up with parts for it.

Ford before restoration

If we get all the parts, we come to the difficult decision: how to carry out the restoration? Do you strive to complete copying the old design or to incorporate some modern technology? Most people usually decide in favor of the outside remains the same as in the original. Engine is often much stronger than the original.  It is simply irresistible to incorporate a powerful engine of 200 hp in the chassis of the vehicle, which originally had engine with 30-40 hp. The interior of the car is another story. Many hobbyists can’t resist, and incorporate more comfortable seats. Some go a step further and incorporate electronic components such as displays, radio or GPS. Combination of old design and new technologies often looks formidable.

The quality of the parts for the project

When I am working on a custom project of my own, I spend much time laying out and fabricating the project. And the last thing I want, after all that effort, is for a component to fail soon thereafter. Therefore, Quality is a key aspect of all components. For this reason, I always buy the highest quality, regardless of price.

Outsourcing certain parts of the project professional

We come to the ultimate question: what part of the project should be left to a professional? Again that depends on you. I personally leave engine repair to the expert. I do not want to mess with the most important part of the vehicle on which it is easiest to make a problem. Also I do not like to deal with fine mechanic settings. I know that many think it has its charm, but I stay away from it. The most enjoyable for me is aggregating external appearance of sheet metal and the improvement of the interior. I made special attention to shift all the switches, so I would not have a problem with the power supply. Since I am by profession auto-electrician, it’s no wonder that this part of restoration I love the most.



Wisest course would be to indulge in the most demanding parts of the restoration professional. This way you will save yourself a lot of time and nerves. Enjoy all the other parts of this complex process. And of course, enjoy the ride of your new – old car!!

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